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Sestinas for everyone!

I'm on a sestina roll! I posted another one to the Best American Poetry Blog. Here's how it begins:

I certainly wouldn't claim to be the best
though I suppose no one could quibble with "American"...
Either way, I'm here to share adventures
from the Berkshires, post by post,
happy to be blogging here, a guest
of our esteemed editors, recently abroad.

In just three weeks, I too will be abroad,
combing the streets of Jerusalem to find the best
coffee and tabouli, staying as a guest
in the apartment of an extpatriate American.
I hope for easy wifi in order to post
about Hebrew, psalms, syntax, adventures...

Read the whole thing here: Sestina Featuring Six Words Commonly Used On This Blog. (And this time, unlike my two previous posts there, you can actually comment on my post if you want to.) If you're remembering that I did something similar here a few years ago, you're right; just for kicks, here's a link to Sestina Using Six Words Blogpulse Chose For Me.

Oh, and while I'm at it, let me point to a sestina I just read that knocked my socks off: Peter Cole's Palestine, A Sestina (published alongside a few of his other poems at Zeek.) It's stunning.


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