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A naming for Stellan

Doing babynamings brings me a lot of joy. This is always true. There's a reason we use birth metaphors to talk about possibility, hope, and new beginnings; birth is the most fundamental new beginning there is. And the act of welcoming a child into her/his family and community is one of the sweetest and holiest tasks I know.

Our lives have been intertwined with the lives of our friends Daniel and Emily for a long time. She and I lived together in college fifteen years ago; we co-founded an arts nonprofit, and ran it together for years. After Ethan befriended Daniel in grad school, we introduced him to Emily.

The rest, as they say, is history -- and a new chapter of their history is now beginning. Today I have the deep joy of officiating at the naming of their son.

Stellan Yann Beck. Photo by Daniel.

The traditions of Stellan's household include Judaism, drumming, and hospitality to our large and closeknit chosen clan. We're gathering at their beautiful house in the beautiful outdoors this afternoon to welcome him formally into his extended family, his extended community, and the world.

We figured that some of Stellan's family and friends who are at the babynaming today might want a copy of the naming ceremony. If you're in that number, you're in luck; here it is:

The Naming of Stellan Yann Beck [pdf]

May the blessings that unfold in their household be as many as the stars in the sky.

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