RHR 2008: Zionism, Israel and Human Rights
RHR 2008: Abrahamic Religions and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

RHR 2008: Boker tov from RHR!

I made it to the conference this morning in time for shacharit, which was lovely. I so rarely get to daven on a weekday morning in community! As soon as I entered the room and started wrapping myself in tallit and tefillin I heard the voices of dear friends and teachers, which made me beam.

I missed most of the breakfast session with last night's speakers (shacharit lasted an hour, because it's Monday and there was a Torah reading; they kindly graced me with an aliyah, which I appreciate very much) but I did get to eat half a bagel with one of my DLTI friends while we listened to the end of the morning remarks, which was great.

And now I'm in the sanctuary waiting for the first session of Day 2 to begin -- and today there's wifi, which I hope means I can post a few things over the course of the day as the conference unfolds! It turns out there is an official conference blog at Rabbis for Human Rights (Blogspot); if you're interested, feel free to follow conference-related posts there as well as here.

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