RHR 2008: Closing reflections
New CD from Nava Tehila

RHR 2008: Convenient list of conference posts

Didn't make it to the Second North American Conference on Judaism and Human Rights? Or maybe you were there, but want a written record of some of the material that we heard. Either way, you can immerse in the experience via the 21,000+ words I've blogged over the course of the conference. (!)

There are two easy ways to access all of this content. You can go to my RHR 2008 category page, which contains all of the conference-related posts I made; or you can click on one of the links below to go directly to information about, and impressions of, a given session or panel. Thanks again to RHR-NA for inviting me to blog for them, and to everyone who helped to bring the conference to life!

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