Perceiving God (Radical Torah repost)
A home for God among us (Radical Torah repost)

Vacating the premises

A view of the Cheshire Reservoir, seen from the Ashuwilticook Rail Trail: my local environs here at home, from which I'm about to take a brief break.

Blogging will be light here over the next ten days or so, as Ethan and I are going on a much-needed vacation. This trip includes neither business obligations (for him) nor family/school obligations (for me); we're just going to spend ten days enjoying one another's company and enjoying the experience of seeing a bit of the world we hadn't seen before. I can't wait.

Don't expect complete radio silence; I've queued up a couple of Radical Torah re-posts to go live next week, as we move through the week of reading and studying the first Torah portion in the book of Leviticus. And it seems possible I might post from the road, if there are stories I want to tell. Then again... it seems equally possible that I might not.

Take good care of the internet while we're away! See y'all when we're home again.

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