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OCHO #24: Twitter Poets

Early this month, Collin Kelley posted about poets on twitter, and a list of poets who twitter quickly accrued.

Because this is the internet and because collaborative joint projects are fun, the list of twitter poets quickly turned into a call for submissions as Collin and Didi Menendez decided to put together a special issue of OCHO dedicated to Twitter Poets. And that issue just came out! It's available for free (as a download or to read online) at issu, and a print-on-demand issue will be available in hardcopy soon. I'm pleased to announce that one of my poems appears there.

OCHO #24 (@ issuu) - read it online or download

or, order a print copy (coming soon) - OCHO #24 (The Twitter Edition)

I especially like Marie-Elizabeth Mali's "I Celebrate the Husband" (p. 24), with the line "I plunge greedy hands in -- my green / my fear -- and never come up empty," and Stacie Boschma's "Why My Mouth is Always Filled With Feathers" (p. 22) which begins "There are crows in the sky like poems."

Thanks for bringing this cool project so quickly to fruition, Didi and Collin. I'm jazzed to be a part of it.

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