This week's portion: a Torah journey with Rebecca
ReadWritePoem prompt #102: Homemade


I'm delighted to be able to announce that I have a poem in the new issue of the online journal Melusine -- the Fall 2009 issue, issue 1.3 -- alongside some old friends and colleagues who I know from my Inkberry days, among them Sandra Kohler and Diane Lockward. The poem of mine published there is part of my Torah poems series, written during the first year of this ongoing practice; it's called Vessel.

There's something slightly bittersweet about sharing the screen with old Inkberry friends given the recent news about the nonprofit, but I feel like the org had a good run, and I'm glad that some of the programming of which we're most proud will continue. Anyway: check out Melusine, which is a beautiful journal filled with excellent work. Thanks for the publication, Melusine!