Erev Shabbat at Elat Chayyim
Velveteen Rabbi's Haggadah for Pesach, version 7!

Anticipatory Psalm 1 (Read Write Prompt #114)


Even now, the hills frosted
like children's corn flakes,
summer's wild effusion waits
in the wings. As we walk
on eggshells past the nursery
the promise of a night's sleep
gleams just beyond our grasp.
Hidden in your babbling patter
are the words you can't yet speak.
All the seeds are curled tight
but I believe with a perfect faith
beneath the snow red tulips
are forming. Today plate glass
presses me like a dead flower
but three dimensions are coming.
I crown you with baby oil
and fold tomorrow after tomorrow
into your clenched fists.

This week's readwritepoem prompt is a word cloud, from which I chose the words frosted, eggshells, patter, red, crown. As I began working on this week's poem, my spiritual director suggested that I try writing psalms which work with the idea that the things we hope for are already present, so I brought that assignment to bear on the word cloud and this is what emerged.

This poem is another in my unfolding series of mother poems. The line "I believe with a perfect faith" is an allusion to the prayer Ani Ma'amin, which speaks of faith in the coming of the messianic era; the baby oil line is also a nod in that direction, since the word moshiach means "anointed one." Parenting a newborn definitely feels like a perennial leap of faith: faith that things will get better, that someday we'll get a good night's sleep again, that Drew will continue to develop and grow, that we're doing the right things, that someday our lives will feel normal again.

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