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Looking forward to the RHR-NA conference

Rabbis for Human Rights - North America is hosting a conference on Judaism and human rights in New York City next month. (Read more: Conference on Judaism and Human Rights.) The conference will run from 12/5 through 12/7. But before it even begins, there's a student pre-conference (on Sunday, December 5, from roughly 8:30am until 2:30pm) which is for student clergy, grad students, and undergrads who are interested in questions of Judaism and human rights.

I'm on the organizing committee for that pre-conference; our flyer appears below.


The specific piece for which I've taken responsibility is morning prayer; we're going to have a 45-minute morning service which will hopefully be led by three different rabbinic students from three different seminaries. (If you might be willing to be one of those students, please let me know!) The program looks pretty wonderful, and it's a great chance to add some inter-denominational student connection to what already looks like a fabulous few days.

I'm hoping to be able to blog at least some of the 2010 conference as I did the RHR conference I attended in 2008.

Anyway: if this is your cup of tea, join us! I'd love to see you there.