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70 Faces Book Tour, part 1: March in Massachusetts

70 faces on the Woodrat Podcast!

Not long after Drew was born, I had the pleasure of being featured in an episode of the Woodrat Podcast -- episode 3, one of the very earliest episodes, which Dave titled Embodied Miracles. I remember doing the interview standing up in our entry hallway with Drew strapped to my chest in a Didymos wrap, swaying back and forth to keep him quiet enough that I could experience the luxury of an hour spent talking not about diapers but about poems.

This week I got to enjoy having a conversation with Dave for the Woodrat Podcast again -- this time, along with Beth Adams of Phoenicia Press; the podcast is all about Torah poems, independent publishing, and 70 faces! Dave writes, "Rachel reads five poems from her new book plus a brand new Torah poem, and we talk about Biblical interpretation, Middle East politics, literary micropublishing, and more." It was an awful lot of fun to do. I hope it's fun to listen to, too.

You can listen to it (and enjoy the photos Dave chose to accompany it) at Dave's blog, Via Negativa: Woodrat Podcast 33: Rachel Barenblat and Beth Adams on Torah poems. Thanks, Dave!