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Book tour!

There's a new page linked from the sidebar of this blog: The Complete 70 faces Book Tour. The book tour page contains information about all of the 70 faces events currently planned over the next few months: February events in Illinois, March events in Massachusetts, an April event in Vermont, May events in Vermont and in Montreal, and June events in South Texas. I'm awfully excited about all of them. A few more possible events are under discussion; if they materialize, I'll add them to that page, too.

The events which are furthest away in time are currently the sketchiest, detail-wise; I don't yet have all of the information about the Canada and Texas events. But that page is a good one-stop shop for information about where you can catch me, live in and person, reading from and discussing Torah and poetry and midrash and all that good jazz.

I should also mention that one more event has been added to my Boston schedule for next month; in addition to my visit to Bnai Or and my reading at First Unitarian Church in Arlington, I'm going to be speaking to the women of the Sisterhood of Temple Aliyah in Needham! Anyway: check out the book tour page, and if you're able to make it to any of these events, I'd love to see you there.

Please note that many of the events are taking place on Shabbat, when many Jews do not engage in financial transactions. If you're coming to a Shabbat event and want your book inscribed, you're welcome to either order your own copy in advance & bring it with you for me to sign (I do write on Shabbat), or you can leave a comment here requesting a copy and then Paypal me the money in advance so I can simply deliver your copy in person. If you're going to go the Paypal route, please do so early to ensure that I can order the books myself. Thanks!