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Welcome to the blogosphere, Reb Jeff

The latest addition to my blogroll is a brand-new blog which just entered the world this week. The blog is called RebJeff: A Blog About Jewish Joy, and it's written by my dear friend Rabbi Jeff Goldwasser.

Here's an excerpt from the first post:

The first psalm in the book of Psalms begins with the word "Ashrei," which means, "Happy." Yes, the beginning of Judaism's oldest collection of prayers begins by telling us that we should be happy...The psalmist compares a happy person to a tree that draws only what it needs from the world around it, and which produces only what is natural for it to produce in the time that it is meant to produce it. The psalm makes no promises of superabundance, of conquests, or of any pleasure beyond simply living in harmony with ones surroundings.

I'm starting this blog because I know that today's Jews need Judaism. They need a tradition that points to a way of living life that leads to happiness. I believe that we are beginning an era in which Judaism will be reborn as a tradition that allows people to find the joy of being part of a community, the joy of celebrating life's sacred moments, the joy of being a part of the natural world, and the deep and difficult fulfillment of finding meaning and purpose in life, even when life is hard.

Check it out; add it to your aggregator if you're so inclined; and drop Reb Jeff a comment to welcome him to the virtual block!