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Torah poet Seth Brown reviews 70 faces


Seth Brown, the author of From God to Verse which renders the entire Torah in rhyming couplets, just reviewed 70 faces. Seth is another rare bird who writes Torah poetry. Although our approaches to Torah and poetry differ pretty substantially (for more on that, read the post I wrote about God to Verse when it first came out), I'm thrilled to read his review of my collection. Seth writes:

I think what I like best about this collection of poems is the immediacy they convey. Reading many of the pieces, I find myself drawn into the emotional landscape, rather than simply reading about the stories of the Torah as one usually does. There is a pervasive humanity throughout the collection, which I think shines through and makes the poems easy to connect with...

A favorite line of mine comes from the very first poem "Postpartum", based on the opening chapters of Genesis. Could the whole project be a wash? Aside from enjoying clever wording, I really appreciate the simplicity of the statement, the humanizing of the divine, and just how much is conveyed in seven words.

Read his whole review here. Thanks, Seth!