Delving into boundaries: week two of the Omer

The 70 faces book tour goes to Canada!


The 70 faces book tour is going to Canada! Here's the intel on two upcoming events happening across the border in Montreal, Quebec in just over a week:

May in Montreal

  • Havdalah & reading, May 7: Conversation and poetry reading with Rabbi Rachel Barenblat (the Velveteen Rabbi). Rabbi Barenblat's poems interrogate, explore, and lovingly respond to Torah texts, balancing feminism and contemporary liberal theology with respect for classical traditions of interpretation. Her work invites us to engage both spiritually and critically with a body of writing that lies at the root of both the Abrahamic religions and much of Western literature. The event will begin with a brief havdalah service (wine, spices, and flame to mark the end of Shabbat) and continue with conversation about midrash and the sharing of poems from 70 faces (Phoenicia Publishing, 2011.) 7pm, 5035 boulevard de Maisonneuve West (in the children's chapel), three blocks from the Vendôme metro station. For more information, contact Shoshanna Green at 514-426-0843 or [email protected]

  • Modern Women, Old Testament: A Jewish-Christian Conversation with Rabbi Rachel Barenblat, author of "70 Faces: Torah Poems," and Elizabeth Adams, author and publisher. On Sunday, May 8, Christ Church Cathedral will host a book discussion with Rabbi Rachel Barenblat, author of a recently-published and highly-praised book of poems which approach the five books of Moses from a questioning, modern perspective.

    As a longtime poet and writer, newly-ordained rabbi, and recent mother, Rachel's work helps us look at these texts from new and personal perspectives. How can modern women and men engage actively with these early Hebrew scriptures, while still loving and respecting the Bible and remaining faithful Christians and Jews? What does the tradition of midrash have to offer to Christians? How can poetry -- a tradition deeply embodied in the Hebrew Scriptures -  free us to think and feel creatively about the human issues the Bible addresses in these stories?

    The program will start at noon with a simple lunch in Fulford Hall at the Diocesan offices, followed by the conversation between Rachel and Elizabeth beginning around 12:30 pm, then opened up to all participants as a moderated discussion/Q&A. Books will be signed and available afterward. Noon; Fulford Hall, Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal. (For more: see the Event page on Facebook!)

All are welcome to attend both events -- if you're nearby, please do come! (And if not, here's a bit of good news -- the event with Beth Adams will be recorded and will be posted to YouTube. I'll share the links here when it goes live.) And for the latest up-to-date info about where I'm taking 70 faces, you can always check out the complete 70 faces book tour page...