A Ruth poem for Shavuot
Malkhut / kingdom / Shekhinah: the final week of the Omer

70 faces... deep in the heart of Texas!


The 70 faces book tour is going to Texas! Here's the intel on three upcoming events happening in San Antonio after Shavuot, starting on Friday June 10, which is a week from this Friday:

June Events in San Antonio, Texas

  • Sermon in Poetry during Friday night services at Temple Beth El, June 10, 7:30pm. Corner of San Pedro and West Ashby, San Antonio. Followed by an oneg / Shabbat reception; all are welcome!

  • I'll be the visiting rabbi at Temple Chai, and will lead Shabbat morning services as well as offering a poetry d'var Torah, June 11, 10:30 am at the home of Sterling and Rachelle Neuman; all are welcome!

  • Scripture, Poetry, Interpretation: A Christian-Jewish Conversation, a panel discussion with Reverend Mary C. Earle (author of Days of Grace and Telling the Brothers.) We'll talk about the Bible and how each of our traditions understands it, and about midrash and commentary, in a "dialogue of the devout." Rachel will share poems from 70 faces, and Mary will share her own poems also inspired by scripture. Book-signing to follow. May 14 at 7:00pm, Viva Books, 8407 Broadway.

I'm looking so forward to all three of these events. (And I'm so curious to see how my ecumenical conversation with Reverend Mary Earle is similar to, and also different from, my conversation with my publisher Beth Adams, which we titled Modern Women, Old Testament.) If you're in or around south Texas, I hope you'll join us for one event, or two events, or even all three.