A psalm for those who are in freefall
Independence and mourning

Modern Women, Old Testament now on YouTube!

Last weekend I went to Montreal to do two events around 70 faces, my collection of Torah poems (I blogged a bit about the trip here: two vignettes from the 70 faces book tour.) The second of those events was a conversation with Beth Adams, my dear friend and publisher, at Christ Church Cathedral. It was called Modern Women, Old Testament: A Jewish-Christian Conversation. The video of that conversation is now online!

Over the course of our conversation we talked about scripture and interpretation, faith and feminism, Israel and Palestine, motherhood and miscarriage, and more. We spoke for an hour, so the conversation is on YouTube in five parts. I'll embed all five below for your convenience; you can also go to each part directly: part one, part two, part three, part four, part five. If you do watch the video (all or even just part of it) I'd love to hear what you think.

Part 1: Introduction. Rachel and Elizabeth's backgrounds in blogging and in interfaith dialogue. Rachel talks about Jewish Renewal and about midrash.

Part 2. The book of GENESIS. The story of Abraham and Isaac. Rachel's poem: "The Angels Say." The book of EXODUS. Poem: "The Psalm I Sing."

Part 3. The Book of EXODUS, cont'd. Dealing with the idea of a vengeful God who chooses sides. The Book of LEVITICUS. Poem: "Like God." Women and patriarchy. Creation. Rachel's poems about motherhood, and about miscarriage. The Book of NUMBERS. Poem: "Downside."

Part 4. Book of Numbers, cont'd. Thoughts about modern Israel and Palestine. The Book of DEUTERONOMY. Poem: "Mobius." Questions and Answers.

Part 5. Questions and Answers, continued. Rachel's "Talking Donkey" poem ("Sandals (Balak)") and final blessing.