Shavuot 5771 / 2011
A sermon in poetry for parashat B'ha-alot'kha

Thanks, Express-News

There's a lovely article in the San Antonio Express-News today -- complete with a photo of me standing of the steps of my parents' congregation, Temple Beth-El -- which begins:

More than a quarter-century ago, Rachel Barenblat was a 10-year-old budding poet relishing the moment her first creation was published.

It was a simple, rhyming piece on the human struggle to overcome the inner drive to do wrong. And it ran in the Express-News.

Words have been good to the San Antonio native.

She's won poetry awards and published several books. Her blog, the “Velveteen Rabbi,” made Time magazine's list of the top 25 blogs in 2008.

Now 36, she's back in San Antonio for the first time as an ordained rabbi to discuss her book “70 Faces: Torah Poems,” on Tuesday at a local bookstore...

You can read the whole thing if you're so inclined: Poems enrich rabbi's ministry. Thanks, Abe Levy and Express-News!