Tzom Tammuz
Lifting me out of myself

Meeting me

We're having a Meet the Rabbi shindig at CBI. Actually, we're having two: one on a Sunday afternoon, and one on a weekday evening, later this summer (July 31 and August 24, to be specific.)

Of course, many of the members of CBI know me already, since I've been a member there for several years and I served there during rabbinic school. But not everyone knows me; and those who do know me, know me as a fellow member or someone who used to pinch-hit in leading services or maybe as that poet who used to run the literary arts nonprofit. That's different from knowing me as the rabbi.

So we're throwing the doors open and inviting folks to come chat, nosh a little, and -- most importantly -- talk with me about what they want and need from their rabbi and from their congregation. Even if you're not a member (yet) but might want to become more involved with our community, I hope you'll come.

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