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New essay about mikveh at the Mayyim Hayyim blog

I've posted here many times over the years about my love of creative mikveh experiences, and last October I offered six blog posts from the Gathering the Waters mikveh conference held at / by Mayyim Hayyim. If these subjects are of interest to you, hop over to the Mayyim Hayyim blog, where they have graciously asked me to share a guest post. Here's how that post begins:

My first mikveh experience took place in early Elul. Shabbat was approaching at my first week-long Jewish Renewal retreat at Elat Chayyim, and I decided to join the group which was going to do "spiritual mikveh" in the swimming pool. Rabbi Phyllis Berman explained, beforehand, the ways in which our mikveh would be atypical: we were using a swimming pool (not a source of "living waters," though it is occasionally augmented by rain), we would go in together rather than one at a time, some women would choose to wear swimsuits while others chose to remove all impediments between themselves and the water. I had never considered immersing in a mikveh, but my week had already opened me to so many new spiritual experiences — heartfelt weekday prayer; women laying tefillin; chant and meditation — that I was open to trying one more...

Read the whole thing here: Immersing With Intention, Creating Mikveh Experience Beyond the Mikveh.