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Not going anywhere

The view from home.

If you read Ethan's blog, you may have seen his recent post Enjoy the silence, in which he mentioned his truly fabulous new job (heading up the Center for Civic Media at MIT) and apologized for not blogging much at the moment, since he's trying to get a book draft close to complete before the fall semester begins. I've heard from a few folks who read his post and found themselves wondering: if Ethan's taken a job at MIT, does that mean they're thinking about moving east? The short answer is: nope. (Sorry, eastern Massachusetts friends and relatives!)

The slightly longer answer is: we're pretty attached to northern Berkshire. I've been here for nineteen years, and I feel very rooted here. (Ethan arrived here before I did; since then he's lived in West Africa, and has worked all over the globe -- but he feels rooted here, too.) We're attached to the joys of small-town life. Besides, I just got this wonderful job as a congregational rabbi! We don't have any intention of going anywhere. Ethan's rented a small pied-a-terre in the city which will allow him to spend three days a week in eastern Mass, but the Berkshires are going to continue to be our home base, never fear.