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The aftermath of Irene

We live on a hilltop; our house was spared by Hurricane Irene. But many were not so lucky. ( Here are some of the news stories I've been reading this morning: Irene leaves Berkshires soaked, Four Rescued by Boat from Spruces, Evacuations, flooding, closed roads dot area, Flooding conditions 'awful' in Vermont due to Irene's rains.)

The flood control shute in Adams; photo source iBerkshire Storm Center: Hurricane Irene page.

(Here's video of the flood control shutes; here's Williams College's Cole Field swallowed by the Hoosic River; here's the Bartonsville VT covered bridge washing away.)

Earlier this weekend I was admiring the hurricane photos provided by NASA, which I encountered here at Mystical Politics. The photos are beautiful (as I find that images of the Earth seen from space always are) -- but the damage done by the storm at ground level is sobering.

I'm trying to find out how my congregants fared, and I've reached out to other area clergy to find out whether there are interfaith efforts to aid those who have been impacted by the storm -- if there are, I'd like for my community to be a part of them. Meanwhile, my thoughts and prayers this morning are with those whose lives have been disrupted by the storm. May power speedily be restored; may homes become safe and dry; may all who are in need find their needs met by the loving hands of their communities, in whose actions God may be found.