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Preparing for the season that's coming

A tiny taste of 70 faces at the National Cathedral

I received an email recently from one of the people involved with planning Holy Week services at the National Cathedral. Apparently the Rev. Canon Mary Sulerud wanted to gain permission to use one of my Torah poems -- Naked / Acharei Mot, originally published here at Velveteen Rabbi when I was writing weekly Torah poems (and now published in 70 faces) -- in the liturgy on Monday, April 2 of this year.

I wrote back immediately with a delighted yes, of course. I don't think my work has ever been read in the National Cathedral before; what an honor! The service will apparently be webcast as well. If you're observing Holy Week and you're looking for a service in DC on Holy Monday (or if you live elsewhere but are looking for a service broadcast online), and if the notion of hearing Jewish Torah poetry as part of Holy Week experience sounds potentially meaningful, perhaps this is the one for you.

Thank you, Rev. Canon Sulerud; I wish you and yours a blessed journey through Lent.