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My essay "On Poetry and Prayer" is in CrossCurrents!


The cover of the latest issue of CrossCurrents.

I'm utterly delighted to be able to announce that I have an essay in the new issue of CrossCurrents, a magazine which collects (in its own words) "the best thought and writing on religion and the world," published on behalf of the Association for Religion and Intellectual Life.

Here's the table of contents for Volume 62, Issue 1, the March 2012 issue. There's an essay by Catherine Madsen called "A Heart of Flesh: Beyond 'Creative Liturgy,'" and there are four other essays written in response to hers. That set of thematically related essays is the heart of the issue, though the theme of liturgy and creativity is also carried-forth into other parts of the journal.

In the general articles section there's a piece by Eric Selinger called "Law as Lyric, Lyric as Star Trek: A reading of Kol Nidre" (which is, yep, right up my alley, as you might imagine), and two essays on the general theme of poetry and prayer: Edward Feld's "Poetry and Prayer," and my "On Poetry and Prayer." And much, much more. I'm honored to be in this excellent company.

As an "abstract," the journal has published the first page of my article for general readership. Alas, the full text of the articles (all of them, mine included) is only available to subscribers; here's subscription information for individuals and institutions, or you might check your local library or university library to see if they have a subscription or online access there. Anyway: thanks, CrossCurrents editors!