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Norouz Sameach! and Israel ♥ Iran


Norouz is the Persian new year, which is happening right now. (I've blogged about it before, a little bit.) The above image reads "Norouz Sameach" -- "Happy Norouz" in Hebrew. I found the image in a post at Israel Loves Iran (which in turn I found via a post at Mystical Politics).

If you have a few minutes to spare, I recommend browsing the gallery of images at Israel Loves Iran. All of them were submitted by Israelis who want to send the message that they feel only warmth and kindness toward Iran and that though the Israeli government is pretty belligerent toward Iran these days, it doesn't represent everyone in Israel. The image campaign was started by Ronny Edri and Michal Tamir; while the original flurry of images came from Israelis (for Iranians), Iranians are now responding in kind. Pretty cool.

Anyway. To those who are celebrating Norouz, happy new year! May the coming year be sweet.