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Vayikra: divrei Torah on the first parsha in Leviticus

This week we're entering the book of Vayikra, known in English as Leviticus. A lot of people cringe a little when we reach this part of the Torah: so many details of sacrificial offerings, this part of Torah may feel distant from us.

But in one traditional paradigm, this book of Torah is what's taught first when we begin teaching Torah to our children. It's (quite literally) central to Torah -- book 3 of 5, this one is in the very middle. And there's some wonderful stuff here.

For those who are interested, here are the divrei Torah I've posted on this parsha in previous years:

If you're looking for more context, I can recommend Leviticus at My Jewish Learning, an essay by Baruch Levine which offers a good overview of this book of Torah. And, for a different take on the parsha, I recommend Reb Jeff's weekly Torah post this week -- Vayikra: The Joy of Contrition.