New toddler house poem
Ana b'Koach / Untie our Tangles (a melody for the Omer count)

Poem in Spirit Voyages

5286340I'm delighted to be able to announce that my mother poem "Psalm for the Sixth Day (Mother Psalm 5)" appears in the April 2012 issue of Spirit Voyages, "a quarterly art and literary journal with a spiritual twist."

As the journal's website suggests, "Feed your spirit, spark your imagination, explore images and words that tell the story of the soul. Each issue is built organically around a theme and features work by a variety of voices working in the domain of the creative, the mystical, the empowering."

My poem appears in 2012 issue #2, which is themed around "The Feminine Divine," and you can purchase copies for a mere $8 at the magazine's website.

The journal is edited by Lori-Lynn Hurley; this issue features work by Carmen Costello, Lindsay Drya, Christine Long, Megan Monique, Shanna Sandmoen, Jackie Stewart, and Laurie Zak-Richardson -- and yours truly, of course. I don't yet know the work of any of the other contributors, so I'm psyched to read this issue.

If you're interested, please consider buying a copy! And my thanks are due to Lori-Lynn for accepting my work.