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Poem in CALYX

I'm delighted and honored to be able to say that one of my mother poems appears in the latest issue of CALYX, a fantastic journal dedicated to publishing womens' work. Here's their stated mission; here's some of their remarkable history. And here's a description of the journal itself, borrowed from their website:

CalyxCover272web_000A forum for women's creative work -- including work by women of color, lesbian and queer women, young women, old women -- CALYX Journal breaks new ground. Each issue is packed with new poetry, short stories, full-color artwork, photography, essays, and reviews.

CALYX Journal is known for discovering important writers, such as Julia Alvarez, Paula Gunn Allen, Olga Broumas, Natalie Goldberg, Barbara Kingsolver, and Sharon Olds, among the more than 4,000 writers published during our first 35 years. CALYX was the first to publish the artwork of Frida Kahlo in color in the U.S. In 1980 CALYX also f eatured work by the Nobel Laureate poet Wislawa Szymborska -- the first English translations of her work published in the U.S.

That's some amazing company to be in, for sure! And so is the current issue. I'm working my way through the current issue now, and I'm loving it. I'm particularly struck by Lisa Bellamy's "To Matrilineal Haplogroup K" (After DNA testing), Susan Nisenbaum Becker's "Loons," Karen An-Hwei Lee's "Poem Washed in Tuvan Silver," Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo's "Frida's Monkey Nurse," Karen Leigh Moon's "Julekake," Susan R. Williamson's "Spring Offering With Morning Coffee."

My poem "Mother Psalm 6" appears in issue 272, summer 2012. If you're so inclined, you can subscribe to the journal, or purchase a single issue for $10.

Thanks, CALYX editors, for choosing to include my work!