Brich Rachamana (now: with sheet music!)
A prayer for Tashlich

Five more mother poems published

Deep thanks to the editors of literary journals Bolts of Silk ("beautiful poems with something to say") and Toasted Cheese for publishing my work this week.

The editor at Bolts of Silk published "Mother Psalm 8;" the editors at Toasted Cheese published "First Night in Buenos Aires," "New World Order," "Sustenance," and "Push."

All five of these poems are part of Waiting to Unfold, my as-yet-unpublished second book manuscript. I'm delighted to see the poems online and am looking forward to browsing more of both journals.

Here are the links: Mother Psalm 8 in Bolts of Silk; Four poems by Rachel Barenblat in Toasted Cheese. Thank you, editors!