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A mother poem published in Earth's Daughters

I'm pleased to be able to say that another of my mother poems has been published. My poem "Besieged" appears in volume #81 of Earth's Daughters. The issue's theme is "Both Sides Now."

Here's how the editors describe the journal:

Earth's Daughters is a feminist literary and arts periodical published in Buffalo, N.Y. We believe E.D. to be the oldest extant feminist arts periodical, having been published continuously since 1971.

Although E.D. does publish work by men, our focus is the experience and creative expression of women, and from all contributors we require technical skill and artistic intensity, as evidenced in the work we have published by Denise Levertov, Lyn Lifshin, Marge Piercy, Diane diPrima, Janine Pommy Vega, Susan Fantl Spivack, and the list goes on. We also publish many "unknown" poets, writers and artists, and therefore welcome submissions from new writers.

Earth's Daughters has lived long enough to have developed a mythos. Part of that mythos is that if Earth's Daughters has a mother, that mother is Judith Kerman. Kerman gave the magazine its name, inspired by Emma Goldman's "Mother Earth." This is the root of E.D.'s name hence the tree logo, designed by co-founder Judith Treible. (Among ourselves the mag is really E.D. - Ee Dee, not Ed.) Both the name and the logo have been problematic from the beginning. E.D. has gotten hate mail from people who thought we were pagans, and love mail from pagans. We got reports on the status of pigs in Iowa and a lot of bad nature poetry, bad drawings of trees and drawings of women that looked like trees...

(Learn more at their intro page, from which this description is drawn.)

It's an honor to see my work in these august pages. This is a print publication, so I can't link you to the poem online, but it's a beautiful journal -- if you're interested in supporting womens' voices and longstanding literary journals, Earth's Daughters might be for you. Here's subscription information.