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Two mother poems in Fjords

Issue4I recently received a copy of Fjords arts and literary review. This is volume 1, issue 4, the fall 2012 issue, which features two mother poems by yours truly. Here's how the editors describe the new issue:

Fjords is keeping the shine on our cutting edge literature by publishing Denmark's pre-eminent postmodernist writer Josefine Klougart translated by Alexander Weinstein. Five first time English prose pieces translated by Alexander Weinstein will appear alongside the original Dutch. We keep the eye engaged by focusing on portraiture with nine different fine contemporary portrait masters including Kehinde Wiley, Susan Makara, Margaret Bowland, Carlos Gamez de Francisco, Cobi Moules, Lita Cabellut, Tun Ping Wang, Sharon Matisoff and Gaele Erwin. The prose of Nate Liederbach and Shivani Meta complement our poetry feature Ronald Wardall (1937-2006) and work by Crow Billings, Jessica Dawn Zinz, Tara Mae Mulroy and others. A short by Phillip Neel and another by Phillip Kobylarz are the short story selections for our fall issue.

I particularly like Nate Leiderbach's "Habits of Destination," Shivani Mehta's "The Collector," and Carol Carpenter's "The Last Night of the Year," though the whole issue is excellent, and it's neat to read the Danish work in translation alongside the (to me mostly opaque) original-language text. In any event, I'm honored to see my own work in these pages. For more information: About Fjords; subscribe to Fjords. My thanks go to the editors for including my poems in such a lovely journal!