Unexpected gifts
On preparing a nondenominational funeral

One from the archives: Preparations, a Shabbat poem

Here's one from the archives, written in 2001. Shabbat shalom to all!




Breathe deep, from the belly,
as if for singing.
Notice your vertebrae, the curve
where spine tilts to pelvis,
and inhale everything into place.

Blanket the mind
as trees blanket grass with leaves.
Drape woven wool over
every sharp worry and task.
They'll survive a night without you.

Drizzle cornmeal on cookie sheets
like a sand painting
of the chaos in which creation begins.
Let challah dough rise and fall
like slow breathing.

Tonight the sky arches
like bent boughs roofed with cloud,
spangled with constellations.
The Breath of Life spreads peace
over creation.