Happy Easter to those who celebrate!
Returning to leaven

30/30 poem 1: from start to finish


Jewish math moves in multiples of seven:
six days of creation and then Shabbat
six years of farming, then the sabbatical
seven times seven years, then the jubilee
seven times seven days for the journey
between Pesach and Shavuot, freedom and revelation --
each day a facet which we polish
on this bright gem with 49 sides
and as we count we ascend slowly
to Sinai's dry foothills where we'll camp:
see thunder, hear shofar, await further instructions


The folks at the Word by Word festival are doing a 30 poems / 30 days challenge during April (National Poetry Month), and they're emailing out daily prompts. I can't promise that I'll write 30 poems this month (nor that I'll post all of them here, even if I do), but I figured I'd at least post the first one. The first prompt was from start to finish.

Since we're in the period of the Counting of the Omer, that was the start-to-finish which immediately came to mind. The Omer lasts for seven weeks, seven sets of seven days. As I wrote and revised, the poem took on the ad hoc form of seven words per line. Enjoy! (ETA: here are all of the poems written / submitted for this prompt...)

And another ETA: don't miss NaPoWriMo 2013 if daily April poems are your cup of tea!