#BlogElul 1: Prepare
#BlogElul 3: Bless

#BlogElul 2: Act

Blogelul2013There's a famous passage in the Talmud (Talmud Bavli /Kiddushin 40b) in which the sages of our tradition debated, "Which is greater -- study or or action?" Rabbi Akiva's answer was, "Study -- if it leads to action."

Learning and doing are always two sides of the same coin. We learn in order that we might do. We study in order that we might act.

One of the "texts" which we study at this time of year is the unfolding of our own life. As you study the year which is drawing to its close, what action items become clear to you?

Are there places where you need to repair your relationship with the world of action -- to more closely align your actions with your intentions and your aspirations?

Maybe this means resolving to be more active in the coming year, to take more steps, to experience the outside world more often. Maybe it means examining and changing your patterns of consumption.

Maybe it means setting the intention of becoming more politically active in support of the causes you truly believe are just and right.

What are the actions you need to take in order to prepare yourself for the coming Days of Awe?