#BlogElul 4: Accept
#BlogElul 6: Do

#BlogElul 5: Know

Blogelul2013Here are some things I know.

I know that there is meaning in this life.

I know that I can keep striving to be the person I mean to be, to live up to my hopes for who I can become.

I know I'll make mistakes. I'll miss the mark. I'll fall short.

I know I can pick myself up again and keep trying.

I know that these #BlogElul posts are earnest and heartfelt -- and that they will probably come across as hokey, at least to some of y'all.

I know that I've always been better at earnest and heartfelt than at hip and ironic, so I might as well embrace that. Especially at this season.

I know that my life is better when I get enough sleep.

I know that my life is better when I remember to say thank you. (And thank You.)

I know that I am happier when I walk more, when I sing more, when I read more poetry.

I know that the Days of Awe are coming soon; that I'll blink and they'll be upon us.

I know that I don't feel ready. I know that I never feel ready. I mean: my sermons will be ready, my prayerbook will be prepared, my to-do list will be conquered. But I won't feel spiritually ready to lead my community in the work of prayer and teshuvah.

I know that the fact of not feeling ready is one of the ways I know that I'm doing this "right." That if I felt fully ready, I would be deluding myself. That it's good to go into the Days of Awe with a little bit of trepidation.

I know that I'm unbelievably lucky to get to do what I do. I know that I feel incredibly blessed.