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Today on the Best American Poetry blog: collaboration and remix

I love the age of the remix. Remix, transformative work, videos which build on poetry, composers who borrow our lines for their music, poems inspired by other poems -- these are my idea of a good time. I've been talking with the publisher of my next collection about putting the manuscript online with the intent of making it easy for other writers and artists to find the poems -- not only so that the poems can be blogged, Facebooked, tweeted (though I hope that they will be), but also to explicitly welcome remix and transformative work. Of course I want to sell copies of the book; who wouldn't? I want to reward my publishers for spending the coin of their time on my work. But I also want the poems to be out there in the world, as part of the communal conversation -- and I think that the more we put our poetry out there for remix and transformation, the more interwoven we and our readers/co-creators become.

That's from today's post on the Best American Poetry blog: Collaboration and remix [by Rachel Barenblat]. Click through to read the whole thing -- which features quotes from Dave Bonta and Nic Sebastian, as well as some hopefully interesting musings on intersemiotic translation and remix culture.