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New poem at Satya Robin's site

My friend Satya Robyn of Writing Our Way Home did a really neat thing to celebrate the launch of her newest book, Afterwards: she invited a variety of writers and artists to create new works on the theme "afterwards," and created an online gallery of that new work, which premiered on the day that the book launched.

I was honored when Satya asked me to participate in her virtual launch party, and even more delighted when I saw the wonderful other works in the gallery, including artwork by Rosemary Starace and new poetry from Luisa Igloria.

My contribution is a poem called "After," which begins "After the wrong-footed morning / after the temper tantrum..." I suspect that the emotional arc of the poem will be familiar to parents of young children, though I hope the poem will speak also to those who are not parents.

Here's the virtual gallery -- go and enjoy, and consider picking up Satya's latest!