The inner lives of Arab and Jewish Peacemakers
This week's portion: creating liberation; Shavuot; and the Jubilee

Nice mentions

A quick shout-out to a few places where my work has been cited or linked lately:

First -- over the weekend, Rabbi Amy Ehrlich quoted my commentary on last week's Torah portion, Emor, in her at sermon at Temple Emanu-El in New York! Temple Emanu-El was the first Reform Jewish congregation in New York City; Rabbi Google informs me that it's the largest synagogue in the world, and that because of its size and prominence, has served as a flagship congregation in Reform Judaism since its founding in 1845. You can hear her sermon on their worship broadcast page, and if you're curious to read more of the d'var Torah which she cited, it's here: The bodies we are.

Secondly, at Linguae Antiquitatum there's the first edition of an Ancient Languages blog carnival, and the carnival curator asked for permission to link to a few of my old posts. There's an excerpt there from the 2008 post where I offered a translation of the first few lines of the Qur'an into Hebrew, along with some thoughts about poetry and translation; also a quote from a post about the Arabic words nafs and ruh and their similarities to the Hebrew nefesh and ruach. It's neat to see interest in those posts six years after they were written.

Thanks, y'all!