Descent for the sake of ascent: the fast of 17 Tamuz

A psalm of need before Shabbat

Shekhina, I need to recharge
    help me find a dock
    with the right number of pins.

I'll send You every gratitude
    every blessing, spoken and unspoken
    every yearning.

Install Your presence on my heart
    install comfort
    install forgiveness.
I can't face murder and grief
    without despair anymore:
    update my trust.
When my system is corrupted
    by vindication and despair
    update my kindness.

Toggle my settings
    so no matter where I go
    I have five bars of You.

In my post about Reb Zalman z"l (may his memory be a blessing), Remembering my rebbe, I wrote about his love of computer metaphors. I thought of him as I wrote this psalm this week.

May the coming Shabbat bring peace and recharging to everyone who needs it -- especially in the wartorn Middle East, where I grieve every death of recent days.