Putting down our burdens and choosing joy
Preparing to remember

A morning prayer from Tom Montag

I've been fortunate enough to receive a copy of Tom Montag's new collection In This Place: Selected Poems 1982-2013. It merits an actual review, though I may not manage that until after the high holidays. (And I'm not sure I can do a better job than Peter at Slow Reads: Slow Reads | In This Place.) Meanwhile, I wanted to share one of the poems from the collection which I thought might resonate with y'all. Shabbat shalom!


Morning prayer

Bless the morning,
bless the light.

Bless the darkness
from which we sprang.

Bless our breakfast,
the biscuits, gravy.

Bless this table,
the wood it's made of.

Bless the trees and bees,
the wind, the birds

that sing. Bless those
who work, the work

they do. Bless those
who bless us, Lord,

and everything. Amen.