Memories of McQueeney
This week's portion: listening to the holy space between

Psalm 92 as rendered by Gaya Aranoff Bernstein


It's good to pause
to praise the Lord
and notice all you have
with Sabbath eyes

to take the sofa
off your back
and sit

to start the morning
sing the dawn
and see the work of God

to slow
the pace
of time

to wonder at the colors
and the fragrance of the earth
to look up and
to see cerulean skies

to wait until the stars bring back
inevitable night
and you resume your search
to gather shards
of shattered light

those who never stop
to lift their eyes
can't contemplate
the work
of God

the righteous are renewed by God
like palm trees near a stream
like cedars old and strong
and evergreen


from Psalmsongs: A Gathering of Psalms (Arthur Kurzweil Books, 2014)