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Essay in Shma Koleinu

What's next for Zeek?


I've been honored to be a part of Zeek magazine for many years -- as a contributor, a contributing editor, and now a board member. What began as a Jewish journal of thought and culture is now one of the strongest voices speaking the Jewish progressive call for a redeemed world.

And like many other independent publications, we're struggling financially. We've started an indiegogo funding campaign with hopes of raising $3600 to get us through the first quarter of 2015, during which time we hope to implement plans for longterm sustainability.

At ZEEK Magazine, we work each week to develop and lift up emerging and established Jewish voices on social change, spirituality, arts and culture. We delight in the intersections and new ideas that make this landscape feel vibrant and cultural shifts and social change possible.

What makes us different is how we do it: by giving readers a way to engage whenever possible so you can do more than just read or reflect, you can take action.

I'm really proud of the work I've been able to do with Zeek -- from the 2008 roundtable the Synagogue / Israeli Politics Mashup, to the 2009 interview with Rachel Adler, to New depths in Jewish/Muslim dialogue: Jewish privilege, which Zeek published earlier this year.

If you think Zeek has a meaningful role to play in the Jewish cultural and ethical scene, please consider making a donation to our indiegogo fundraiser. Any donation, no matter how small, will make a difference. Thanks, all, and happy secular new year!