Seven stops
Midwinter means

World to come

Winter funeral.
A forest of old coats
transports me
to my grandparents' closet,
waxy marbles underfoot.

In the world to come
there are no mothballs.
No resplendent lynx pelts
from the era before
anyone objected to furs.

No housecoats or slippers
cardigan sweaters
sequined poodle skirts
or wedding dresses
sheathed in drycleaning bags.

Only garments of light
woven from every kindness
every Shabbat candle
every word of gratitude
offered in this life

where we need layers
to protect
our fragile skin
our hidden hopes
our tender hearts.


The teaching that in the world to come we will wear garments made of light, woven out of the mitzvot we performed in this life, comes from the Zohar.