ALEPH and OHALAH in Colorado: reuniting with my hevre again


Today is ordination day.

I'm remembering the first smicha ceremony I ever witnessed, nine years ago, when I was new to the ALEPH ordination programs.

And I'm especially remembering my own ordination, four years ago:

...And then the seven rabbinic candidates are called forth beneath the chuppah to stand in front of our teachers.

Someone murmurs "lean back," and I do. I can feel Reb Laura's hands on me, and Reb Sami's, and the weight of the va'ad and the other teachers standing with them all clustered together holding us up. Are they leaning on us, or are we leaning on them? I close my eyes; the world feels too luminous. It's like the period when I was birthing Drew; the doctor invited me to look in the mirror and see him emerging, but all I could do was close my eyes and go inside to be present to what was unfolding...

 I can't wait to hear the Torah which I know today's candidates for smicha will give over. I can't wait to celebrate my friends and beloveds as they take this leap and are transformed into something new.