A new chapter in my life with Jewish Renewal
The seder as time machine

Praise psalm for spring sunrise



For the sunrise at seven this morning
for our son bounding into the bedroom

for Mommy look at the sunrise
come see the beautiful sunrise

for the sleep I rubbed from my eyes
and the slumber from my eyelids

for my dry throat croaking of course I do
for the pastel sweep of pink and orange

every bougainvillea bloom in the world
piled up across the horizon

for it's pink! it's orange and pink!
although a few minutes later

he said aww, now the orange is all gone
and I said that's why I'm so glad

you woke me at exactly this moment --


Earlier this week I taught a short psalm-writing workshop at Congregation Beth Israel as part of the Berkshire Festival of Women Writers. One of the things we did during that workshop was cultivate material we could use in writing our own psalms of gratitude and thanksgiving. Then we took some time to write together. Here's what I wrote.