I Seek Your Face... in Everybody Else, Amen - a sermon for Rosh Hashanah 5776
Wisdom from R' Alan Lew for the Ten Days of Teshuvah

20 minutes of Reb Zalman's wisdom on Yom Kippur

Back in 1988 Reb Zalman spoke on Yom Kippur at Fellowship Farm. That talk has been edited and remastered, and ALEPH has just released a 20-minute recording, broken into different tracks for easy listening. There's a sample track on YouTube; the rest is available as a digital download for anyone who donates any amount $5 or more.

I just made a donation and am downloading the recording now. Speaking as co-chair of ALEPH, I hope you'll donate as generously as you are able, to help support the work of Jewish Renewal which is so central to my spiritual life and to my heart. Donate and receive a download link here.


Track Listing

  1. Releasing Vows on the Body (3:01)
  2. The Torah of Yom Kippur for Our Day and the Psycho-Halachik Process (12:20)
  3. Davvenen Process (1:03)
  4. Torah in the Middle (0:49)
  5. God Save the Queen (Omnam Kayn) (1:05)
  6. Metaphors for Letting Go (1:52)

G'mar chatimah tovah - may you be sealed for goodness in the year to come!