When we reach the place of promise
#blogElul 24: Hope

#blogElul 23: Begin


If I could ask the chrysalis
cosy in her custom house

she'd tell me how sweet it is
to be surrounded by her life's work.

And then one day she wakes
aware the time has come

to reveal the tender wings
she never knew she was growing.

What changed? What made her ready?
And when it's my turn

can I trust that I'll be safe
without the walls I built?


I'm participating again this year in #blogElul, an internet-wide carnival of themed posts aimed at waking the heart and soul before the Days of Awe. (Organized by Ima Bima.) Read #blogElul posts via the Elul tag; last year's posts are now available in print and e-book form as See Me: Elul poems.