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On self-care and the needs of others, in The Wisdom Daily

Logo-twd-headerMy latest piece for The Wisdom Daily has gone live -- a short meditation on self-care. Here's a tiny taste:

Fasten your own mask before tending to the child's... It makes sense. If I were traveling with a small child and there were a need for oxygen, and I tried to fasten their mask first, I might run out of air myself and lose consciousness before I could fasten my own.

Though I will admit that now that I am a parent, I suspect I would find the instruction difficult to carry out. I understand it, sure. But if my kid were gasping for air, my heart would yearn to fix that, even though my head would understand that I had to tend to my own needs first. When my beloveds are gasping for air - whether literally because of illness, or metaphorically because they're in a difficult place where the emotional air feels thin - my heart yearns to fix that, too.

And when my heart is yearning to help someone else, it can be difficult to remember my own oxygen mask...

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