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One of my poems in a salon theatre series in California

LogoJewish Women's Theatre, a Jewish women's theatre collective in California, is putting together a show called "Temptation," which will be a compilation of stories, poems, songs, and short plays, performed by professional actors to an audience of theatre subscribers in their At-Homes Salon Series.

Here's how they describe the show:


A delicious and dangerous discovery of secrets of Jewish women in this shocking and surprising show that will surely evoke laughter and tears, but most of all, remind you how seductive temptation can be. Jan 17-Feb 1.

The show will be performed several times this January in various homes across Southern California, San Francisco and Palo Alto.

And among other things, it will feature my poem "Eating the Apple," which appears also in my collection Waiting to Unfold (Phoenicia, 2013) and in The Bloomsbury Anthology of Contemporary American Jewish Poetry (Bloomsbury, 2013).

To purchase tickets for Temptation, click on any of the dates in this list.

Thanks to the JWT folks for soliciting my work!