Aleph Bass
Generosity at the end of the (secular) year

Wintertime Praise


For the meadow, softened
by the scrim of fog
and for sun burning through.

For the call
of black-capped chickadees
and for your voice

one lifetime to the next
in the soft wax of my heart.

For your name
written in me, gleaming
when I lift my hands to the light.

For the wonder
of not being alone,
the miracle of being enough.



Hallel is the name given to the set of psalms recited at festivals, including during Chanukah. This poem came to me while I was sitting in meditation and thinking about the psalms of Hallel and their themes of praise. I've written variations on Hallel before; this poem is more "inspired by" than directly arising out of Hallel. On "being enough," see Enough (2007) and Enough (2011).

Shabbat shalom, chodesh tov (happy new month -- the new moon of Tevet will be visible tonight) and chag urim sameach -- wishing you joy during this festival of light!