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On spiritual thirst



God is the doorman,
the one you don't notice

holding the heavy panel
so you can go through.

God is the hinge
that swings the door,

the joint and socket
that make opening possible.

God is the door
through which you walk

from one chapter
to the next,

adorned with words
that remind you

who you are becoming,
who you really are.


This week's Torah portion is Pekudei, which contains -- among other things -- descriptions of the making of the mishkan, the portable tabernacle which was intended as a place where God's presence could dwell. One of the parsha's recurring words is adanim, which is usually translated as sockets or hinges... but which comes from the same root as Adonai, one of our tradition's core names for God. That's what sparked this poem. 

(For some beautiful wisdom on adanim and Adonai, don't miss this recent post from Rabbi Laura Duhan Kaplan: To infinity and beyond.)